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Monday, May 2, 2011

Franklin Turtle on Earth Changes, Storms and Eathquakes

Franklin Turtle

As received from Franklin on 4/28/11:

"It's time.  The earth is awakening.  It's like the shedding of a skin.  She's evoling as all beings evolve.

Some may see it as a scary time, but the animals know it's not.  It was preordained and many of us know this, even while being in our physical bodies.

Storms are like a filtering system, if you will.  They are a massive burst of energy that becomes balanced out after the storm.  It's like the earth is doing "mini healings" on herself over and over again.  She needs to take off her old robe to don the new one.  Storms help shift things around for the earth.

The earth IS cognizant of her creatures.  Many more are cognizant of her.  She's not out to destroy, but evolve and renew.  And through her, life can evolve too.

She, the earth, is a big unit of energy that has a ripple effect on all other beings.  So every rebalancing act she does is actually a shift in the right direction for all earth species.

Fear happens when one feels in isolation or separate from the whole.  When you fear the earth, you misunderstand her notions.

To come in union with the earth, the be in harmony with her, sit with her.  Hum with her life force.  Do this through meditating.  Speak with her essence and she'll relay she means no harm.  She's just evolving in her own way." 

-Franklin Turtle

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On Receiving images, words, etc. from Animals

Following a Basic Animal Communication Workshop recently, a student asked the following: 

Hi Danielle -
I was also wondering, can you ask an animal to communicate in a particular way or do you just accept however way you receive their answers? For instance, I find it much easier when I get images sent to me versus "hearing a voice" as I definitely know that the images aren't mine - of course how I interpret them may still be an issue as I'm finding out, LOL! But with seeing words or hearing a voice is when I start to wonder if it's only my mind interfering...


In response, I called in an expert to reply, my turtle companion, Franklin:

Franklin Turtle:  

"The energy decides how it will be interpreted.  When we animals think a thought, a whole stream of info. goes with it (if we allow it) such as emotions, fears, thoughts of what could be. It's a complex thought if you will, with depth.  You may hear it as one word.  Or one image.  But we send more than that.  We send the entire complex thought, WITH the feelings attached.  Your minds get in the way sometimes but your hearts don't.  Your hearts "read" the energy.  So in a sense, you're receiving of images is your heart reading the energy I send out.  You pick up what you can.  For some it's an image or a word.  As you become more learn ed, you get more with it.  

It would not help to ask an animal to send just in images.  They [animals] would think that a foolish request. You (your heart) will interpret as your heart sees fit.  Do you see?  It's not about the sender.  It's about the receiver.  You will receive it as best suits you.  

And your system is multidimensional, so it can pick up subtle "layers" of our messages.  Hence why some humans get more than others on a certain issue.  The more layers you can read (and it takes practice) the [more] in-depth you get to learn about the real reply we sent you.  Do you see?

Picking one way of receiving info. is folly.  You want to practice extending your reception to various layers.  So let the words come to you. Let the images.  Let it flow as it does, unencumbered by you.  If you try to control it, you miss out on much and it gives your mind a leg-hole in and we want to keep your mind out.  Your mind likes the control.  Your heart just accepts." 

He ends.   

:)  My own human thoughts would be: 

P.S.  Truly, there is nothing we need to do other than practice.  Our bodies are designed for this work already (or systems/hearts as Franklin calls it).  But each time we practice, we experiment with feeling what the incoming energy feels like and our intuition does the translating.  And sometimes that translation IS in image form, or word form, or feeling/emotion, smell, taste.  And sometimes we can sense the "layers" (I like that word Franklin!!) of the reply, thus getting the more complete reply vs. a one word response.  

As we practice sensing this energy again and again and again, we become more adept at fine tuning our systems to more quickly, easily and accurately receive.  It's just about practice and being willing to put the effort forth to work with this language.  It's like Japanese, you don't learn it in one sitting, but certainly can learn words (receive genuine info.) in each additional lesson.  After a time I've fond their is a snowball effect and suddenly it gets easier.