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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Telepathy: The Art of 'Relearning' it as an Adult

Photo of Ben/'Benny Boy'
Some animal communicators have been communicating with animals for as long as they can remember. Others like myself however, have come to 'relearn' the skill as an adult. I say 'relearn' because I believe that all of us communicated telepathically when we were babies and toddlers and that as we aged, this innate skill faded into the background.

My sister actually happened to tell me of an incident where her daughter communicated with the family dog, Ben, last year. My niece, who was 3 years old at the time, had been sitting on the couch mesmerized by a cartoon in the living room as my sister was blow drying her hair from a nearby doorway. Ben and Abby, the two family dogs, were resting in the house. My sister said she watched her toddler get up off the couch purposely, come to her and relay that, "Benny Boy wants you to play with him, mom." Then, not waiting for a response from my sister, my niece returned to her comfy spot on the couch and went back to her cartoon.

My sister told me that in retrospect, there was no visual clue from Ben that he wanted my sister to play with him, because he was resting. He also was not sitting directly next to Nadia (communication via telepathy is not limited by distance anyway).

What is interesting here is that every time I personally communicate with Ben on my sister's behalf, his biggest request is always the same. And it happened to be the same message my little niece relayed to my sister that day! That Ben wants my sister to play with him.

Apparently, Ben was thinking this and was overheard or perhaps he was purposely informing my young niece so she would be the messenger of his ever-standing request for play.

Will my niece forget this inner language as she ages? Perhaps she will, like most of us do as our minds are innocently directed by adults and educators to what is of 'importance' in the everyday world like verbal speech, pronunciation, writing and object identification. With all the focus on the 'outside world' it's not surprising that the softer, quieter, yet real language of telepathy fades and is forgotten.

Regardless, what was once a skill we used as children can be reclaimed. I did it and have seen countless other adults do it both in my animal communication classes and in other workshops. It's reaccessible if you desire it. Besides, it's yours by right- you came into the world with the skill.

The art of telepathy is truly less of an art and more of a 'relearning' of a communication tool we humans (but not the animals) have often let go by the wayside. It does take quiet focus, attention and effort to practice and reclaim this skill as an adult, but the effort is worthwhile, the journey fabulous and I've personally found that it opens you to a whole other aspect of life that simply was not accessible (or even tangible) before. And the unfolding of it all is simply beautiful.


Kelly said...

Great post Danielle! It's ironic that you write about this - I use telepathy to speak to both of my children. With Ethan (my 2 year old) I use more verbal words now, but when he was a baby, that was one of the sole ways we communicated. I've never not known what he's needed. With Celia, (my almost 6 mth old) we use telepathy now, and I will even catch her communicating with Ethan that way too! Great post! :)

Danielle Tremblay, Animal Communicator, NY said...

That's great you speak with both Ethan and Celia via telepathy! I don't believe it's so far out of reach that in another 25-50 years or so, this will be so much more commonplace in society.

-Danielle :)

Carol said...

Danielle, I love this post. I bet your sister starts practicing telepathy with other "members" of her family!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reminder of the innocence and unquestioning faith of children to believe what they sense!