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Monday, May 2, 2011

Franklin Turtle on Earth Changes, Storms and Eathquakes

Franklin Turtle

As received from Franklin on 4/28/11:

"It's time.  The earth is awakening.  It's like the shedding of a skin.  She's evoling as all beings evolve.

Some may see it as a scary time, but the animals know it's not.  It was preordained and many of us know this, even while being in our physical bodies.

Storms are like a filtering system, if you will.  They are a massive burst of energy that becomes balanced out after the storm.  It's like the earth is doing "mini healings" on herself over and over again.  She needs to take off her old robe to don the new one.  Storms help shift things around for the earth.

The earth IS cognizant of her creatures.  Many more are cognizant of her.  She's not out to destroy, but evolve and renew.  And through her, life can evolve too.

She, the earth, is a big unit of energy that has a ripple effect on all other beings.  So every rebalancing act she does is actually a shift in the right direction for all earth species.

Fear happens when one feels in isolation or separate from the whole.  When you fear the earth, you misunderstand her notions.

To come in union with the earth, the be in harmony with her, sit with her.  Hum with her life force.  Do this through meditating.  Speak with her essence and she'll relay she means no harm.  She's just evolving in her own way." 

-Franklin Turtle