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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

William and the 'River Rock': A Health Story

One of the reasons I look forward to more people learning animal communication is that in hearing their animal friends, they will have a greater understanding of what their animal is wanting or needing during times of change or uncertainty.

As guardians to our animals, it’s often easy to determine our animals’ basic needs when all is well, but sometimes we feel limited about what we should be doing when the status quo changes and we’re dealing with the unexpected. Such was the case of William the 12 yr. old Dachshund and his guardian, Kris, a few months ago.

I recall Kris calling one morning saying that she had awoken to find her spry dachshund, William, suddenly lethargic and limp. She had rushed him immediately to the vet where tests were being done to determine what was wrong.

Kris wanted to hear from William to know if he felt he was getting ready to pass over and what she personally could do to help him. Kris was very concerned and wondered how the two or more bouts of vomiting William had done in the night time hours prior to finding him limp had anything to do with the situation.

In speaking with William, he said he was not yet transitioning into spirit but that there was a great soreness in his body. He directed us to one particular side of his lower abdomen and said there was a round ball of pain in that area that was like a ‘smooth river rock’ that was on fire. He said the fire needed to be put out.

William specifically asked Kris to rub his head and ears as an aid to help encapsulate the sore spot in order to give the vets more time to discover his body issue. William also felt that there was a ‘hump’ that needed to be gotten over before the underlying cause of his health issue could be discovered.

In speaking with him about the previous night’s vomiting, William showed me an image of himself vomiting up something dark green. In asking Kris if she’d seen something green come up, she wondered if it were a cucumber as he sometimes was given these as a treat, but aside from that, was unsure what William meant. Unable to get any further clarity, I just recall receiving the impression from William that green was somehow related to his current condition.

I often tell clients who are seeking health information from their animal’s perspective that all animals (like people) have varied levels of awareness. I’ve found that some animals are very detailed in talking about their body symptoms and systems while others are very general. In retrospect, William happened to offer quite a bit of detailed information that proved helpful to the wonderful vets who were working with him.

A couple days after speaking with William, Kris sent me the following update:

Hi Danielle!!

Well, it's been a bit crazy but the good news is that William is doing quite well and I'm hopeful he will be home tomorrow!!

After our session yesterday I did a bit of acupressure and ran some energy on William. I spoke to my vet and told her what William had relayed to you regarding the "river rock" and the pain as well as the location. As soon as I told her she said "That's where the gall bladder is!". So when the ultrasound doctor arrived my vet asked her to check the gall bladder first and sure enough it was not looking too good! They called me to come get William right away and bring him to our local animal emergency clinic for emergency surgery. The biggest fear being that the gall bladder had already ruptured.

After a 90+ minute surgery, the surgeon let me know William was doing quite well and that the gall bladder was indeed diseased but still intact (although it could have burst at any given moment) so it was a very clean surgery. But then she said, "But that's not what was making him vomit." And I said, "What?? Then what was it?" And she then proceeded to tell me that she found and extracted some sort of shredded material (a sock or dish rag?) from his stomach!!!

Now I understand what he meant about getting over the hump to discover the real problem! The vomiting caused by the material was what led us to the gall bladder! Without that sign his gall bladder may have burst and I would have lost him!! I'm thinking his poor stomach was so full of bile that he was trying to "put out the fire" by eating whatever he could! My Poor Boy!!

So thank you!!! Your ability gave us important information which saved us time in finding out what was happening. -Kris

Upon receiving Kris’s e-mail, it suddenly made sense to me that the ‘river rock’ shape actually represented the roundish-shaped gall bladder organ. And that the color green in the vomiting image was to relay the idea that green bile (produced by the green gallbladder) was in his stomach.

I’m pleased to report that William these 3 mos. later is still doing fabulous. He’s back to his old self and enjoying life. It’s been wonderful to know the info. he shared was of help and that his vets were open minded in hearing the information.

In closing, I’ve found that it can often be helpful to hear where our animal friends are coming from when trying to support them through unexpected challenges such as this. And although not all animals always have the clarity of knowing exactly what is going on with their bodies, there seems to be a certain amount of relief in being heard and in directing their person to specific activities that will truly support them as they work through their health challenges in the moment.

Helping our animals be as comfortable as they can be by even our smallest of actions can be of huge comfort to them not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Animals often appreciate having their person ‘on board’ as much as we WANT to be on board with them. :)

*Great thanks is given to Kris and William who have permitted the sharing of this story, and to the marvelous vets who offered William the health care he needed in a time so critical.