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Monday, September 7, 2009

Photo of Joey- Up for Adoption in Gloversville, NY

Joey- Male, Under 1 Yr., Orange and White DSH in Gloversville, NY
Contact Danielle (at) WhiteLightConnection (dot) com to be put in touch with current fosterer
See bottom of the below post entitled Mr. Boo for more info. on Joey.

Mr. Boo the Cat (Reposted from Original Newsletter June 2009)

Mr. Boo in Gloversville, NY

Back in March of 2009 I was contacted by a client named Sharon.

The adult male black cat posted in the photo above had found his way into her garage to eat and sleep. This was fine with Sharon as it was the place always offers to passing strays (and they uncannily seem to know that).

What Sharon found odd about this particular cat was that he was not coming and going as the other strays did. Instead, he was isolating himself to the garage and limiting his activities to simply eating and sleeping.

With no luck from her newspaper ad, Sharon grew concerned that the stray cat was experiencing distress or great sadness. Sharon contacted me for a session to ask if the stray what he could share about where he belonged.

The cat was very quick to share that he knew exactly where home was, just a street behind Sharon’s house. Prior to coming to Sharon, he had been trying to get into his house for days, unsuccessfully.

He described his home as white, two stories high and having a brick front porch or steps. He explained that he had a dark haired girl whom he loved and that his heart was indeed breaking because he could not turn doorknobs or slide under the door to get back in the house to be with her.

With some helpful pieces of information, Sharon walked the street behind her home and knocked on doors until she came to the right two story house with brick front (apparently in her area there were many homes like that).

While talking to the downstairs landlord, a dark haired girl was coming down from the upstairs apartment. In overhearing the conversation, the girl exclaimed that she was the owner of the black cat who had taken up residence in Sharon's garage and that the cat's name was Boo Boo. After exchanging phone numbers, and with little emotion, the girl said she would be over to reclaim him in a couple hours.

Sharon went home and waited for the cat's girl to arrive. Sharon waited hours, then eventually days. Sadly, the dark haired girl did not call or come for Mr. Boo (as Sharon began calling him) and Sharon did not call, feeling if the girl really wanted her dear companion, she would arrive without being asked.

Weeks later, Sharon contacted me to say that she’d seen Mr. Boo’s dark haired girl move away. During and after that time, Mr. Boo seemed to be on an emotional roller coaster for quite awhile. Sharon was seeing mood swings in the cat, as one might see in a grieving individual.

In communicating with him, Mr. Boo appreciated Sharon providing him with a soft blanket and dry carrier in her garage (he likened the place to an "inn"), food and free reign of her yard, but despite this temporary residence he was still in grief over losing his girl. He explained he needed time for his heart to heal.

One day a couple weeks later, Sharon saw Mr. Boo moving about outside in a more chipper way than he had in awhile. He admitted he was closer to working through his emotional pain and that he’d let go of the 'heart tether' he had for his girl which was one of the last things he needed to let go of to help himself move beyond his loss.

Sharon (owner of 6 indoor cats already) asked if he was ready to allow her to help find him a permanent home. Mr. Boo declined initially, but a month later said he was now indeed ready.

According to Sharon, “Mr. Boo has to go to someone special as he is something else! I have never met a cat like him, so full of expression and to be able to see his moods and actual feelings like one would a person is just incredible! I know I will miss him when he does go to a forever home.”

As of this posting, 9/7/09, a recent talk with Mr. Boo finds him enjoying his late summer time days outside while still visiting/rooming with Sharon on occasion, although he now admits to having found other people nearby who currently offer him delicious food (Sharon was wondering where his extra weight was coming from)!

Inquiries about adopting Mr. Boo are found below. In addition, a photo of Joey, a young male orange cat who is super affectionate (he's been known to jump on screens to beg to be let inside where the people are or to have them come outside to join him!) is also available for adoption. Joey is likely under a year old or close to 1 yr. A super lovey-dovey cat , who also likes calm dogs.

Both cats are located in Gloversville, NY.

To inquire about Mr. Boo or Joey, e-mail me at danielle (at) WhiteLightConnection (dot) com and I will put you in touch with Sharon.