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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thinking about Taking an Animal Communication Workshop?

One of my clients e-mailed me inquiring about the 1 day animal communication workshop I teach and my own starting point in the field.  I have excerpted some of her questions and added a few more for those considering a workshop.   

1. Did you seem to have "the gift" before attending someone else's animal communication workshop?
No, I'd never communicated with animals before my first class (that I was consciously aware of). So I have been in the same shoes as most of the very beginner students I teach. And no, the class doesn’t require that participants have ever had a psychic experience of any type or be a good meditator. The workshop is truly designed at its core for those who have never communicated with animals before.

One a side note, I don't believe conversing with animals is a gift. It's more a natural skill that I compare to learning a foreign language that simply comes in through its own intuitive channel. Those channels are often underused or completely ignored in our daily routine, but during the workshop we dust them off and actively work these channels.  Each time you use your intuitive channels, they get stronger.

2. Why aren’t humans using telepathy everyday if it’s so natural to us?

Telepathy is the ordinary language used by all animals on the planet. We humans just happen to be the only species that underutilizes this language regularly.  Why?  Perhaps becasue we’ve elected to use our human vocal chords to converse instead.  Perhaps because they're louder?

We, like the animals, have access to the more subtle, quieter energetic language of telepathy if we choose to tap in and use it. Just because we as a species generally haven’t used it beyond our baby and toddler years (see my post from August 1st, 2009 ), it’s still always been a natural part of us that can be reawakened at will and with practice.  

3. What is your success rate with new students?

Everyone is on their own unique journey in opening their intuitive skills and comes to class at different starting points, so everyone's speed of learning to quiet their minds and shift into an open receptive channel/mode  varies.

In general though, nearly everyone drawn to take the class (with most having never done this work before) receive genuine communication at multiple points throughout the day, generally with a snowball effect as the day goes on.  Humans, like all of life, are designed to feel subtle energies, and telepathy literally means "feeling over a distance" so it's really not surprising people do so well at picking this up.  The info. received might be from a partner they’re working with during an exercise and/or from the animals directly. It’s very exciting.

4. After a day's session, could I go home and talk to my animals or would more practice be needed?

It would be likely that more practice would be needed.  Specifically in practicing with other people's animals before you trust yourself in hearing what your own animals say. And I say this not because you wouldn't be able to hear your own animals after a first class (because you certainly can!) but most people simply find they don't trust what they receive from their own animals in the beginning. Why? Because not having the audible feedback present can make us question if what we heard was real. 

Thus, most find it easier to practice with animals they don’t know in the beginning to give your mind ‘proof’ that what you are receiving is accurate as per the owner's feedback.  The more experience and practice time you have in this work, the easier it is to hear all animals (including your own.)  But a workshop is wonderful foundation for most to catapult off from! 

Does that mean you shouldn’t practice with your own animals after a class? No way! They tend to be the ones who MOST want to be heard! So by all means let them guide and teach you.

5. Do animal communicators ever use of other communicator’s skills?

Yes and it's well known amongst those in the field to do so. For me personally, it occasionally happens that I’m feeling too emotionally invested in a situation with one of my own (such as during a health crises). I feel it’s good to know when it’s most supportive of all to invite in a neutral third party.

6. Will I be fluent in telepathy at the end of a one day workshop?

Learning telepathy is like learning Japanese or any other language. While I don't know anyone who can be fluent in a foreign language in 1 day, I do know many who can learn to speak parts of that new language in just one session. When time is spent practicing any new language, progress is made and yes, the first workshop provides ample opportunity to begin speaking the language before you walk out the door. 

7. What is the time investment for me to become fluent?

It's unique for all. It’s not possible to compare individual learning curves, but tends to be a lot quicker than most people think if you’re willing to practice independently beyond the class. The good thing is, the practice itself is fun. 

8. Who should take the 1 day workshop?

Your intuition tells you everyday what is right and not right for you.  How does the idea of taking a class feel to you?  The inner ‘you’ will respond to that idea and help you know if and when you’re ready!  :)


   For a list of upcoming 1 day Animal Communication Workshops please go to my website.