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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Raven: One Cat's Life Work

Raven, Senior Cat
(Belives himself to be 20yrs. old)

As an animal communicator, I’ve found that many animals have “jobs” or “work” that they do within a family. Sometimes they create a job for themselves and other times they allow their people to choose suitable jobs for them. In this post I want you to meet Raven, a phenomenal self-appointed, ‘cat organizer’!

An August 2010 phone session found me speaking with an incredible, senior-aged, black male cat from down south named Raven. Raven’s outlook on life is so positive all around and I found his joy in his work to be so delightful, that with his owner’s permission I’ve decided to share a little of Raven’s session with you.

Raven’s person had many questions for him. Some questions were about his health, what support he wanted for his kidneys, and his physical care desires in general.

Raven shared all the above quite positively but was especially delighted in pointing out his all important work within the household. He explained how he was on the higher end of the cat hierarchy within the multi-cat home and still got respect from the others (he’s no push over) even though he was a senior guy. He further explained that he keeps tabs on the other cats, sometimes advising them on things to do and finds that most still listen to him. In a nutshell, he explained that he is an ‘organizer of cats’.

Raven’s person asked at one point if he could share about his past, when he’d once lived in an animal hoarding situation. His response was direct and clear. He said the hoarding situation was ‘not that great’ but that he placed no blame on the human(s) involved.

Raven and Equine Friend

Upon rescue from the hoarding environment, Raven had been relocated to a home with about 100 other cats. His person wanted to know what this was like for him. His response? The cheery exclamation that, ‘It was like a party!!!’

He shared that the 100 or so cats were generally healthy, clean and well kept and that even while there he’d been performing his current job of ‘organizing cats’ although in those days he had many more to keep tabs on and it was constant work, but that he enjoyed it nonetheless.

Raven shared that he did feel that his being a social guy gave him an advantage in this second large cat environment, while acknowledging that other less social cats may not have enjoyed the situation as much as he. Either way, Raven liked it and feels it’s just one part of his grand life adventure.

In living with his current person (who adopted him from the 100 cat home many years ago), Raven says he’s now in his retirement years and his work is lighter as he has far fewer cats to ‘organize’.

Raven is a delight to his owner and truly a great example on how one cat’s job can be so satisfying that he has chosen to continue his role on into his senior years. Many cheers to you, Raven!

 P.S.  Raven transitioned onto his next adventure about 14 days after this blog posting.  Being an exceptional being, his person had relayed that she and Raven had enjoyed one last camping trip together before he left her.  (Yes, Raven would actually sit around the campfire and enjoyed it.)

       When he came home from thecamping trip, he went to his bed and drifted off to sleep, leaving his body behind.  His person found it incredible that he'd budgeted his time in such a way as to attend the the camping trip as one last "hurrah!"   That sure does sound like Raven! 

         Peace to you, Raven.