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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Return of Puddin the Cat


Back in the summer of 2005, when I was still new to the skill of hearing animals, my parents and I had a session with my animal communication teacher, Kristin Thompson. On that day, Kristin relayed info. from a few passed animal family members, including the family pet, Puddin who had transitioned at the age of 22 yrs., four years prior.

Puddin had said, "I am definitely coming back! You will have to wait awhile. Danielle will recognize me but it may take a few days. I will be the same type of kitty."

I had completely forgotten about that conversation when just a few weeks ago  three young boys came knocking on my door asking if I wanted a cat.  I explained I was maxed out with my 4 cats, but being the animal lover I am, went out to meet the kitty just the same.  In their hands I saw a little calico kitten. 

Their story kept changing regarding details on the cat and after a time, I ended up simply saying I would take her in long enough to find her a home or make arrangements with the wonderful people I knew at the shelter. 

The boys were pleased and as they walked away I overheard them say, "Well THAT was easy."  Hmmm... Knocking on houses all day?  Really??    

Anyway, when I held the kitten that first evening with me, she was very outgoing and affectionate without a trace of timidness.  She also had this odd little way of hugging her body into mine as I snapped photos of her that was very endearing.  With such a sweet personality I figured that would easily swing her into the arms of  her future people as she was easy to fall in love with.

On that first night I did not take much time to communicate with her outside of asking what she'd like to be called and explaining my intent in temporarily housing her.  She asked to be called "CC" which I later personally decided would stand for "Cute Cat".

           Puddin in her new body, with her new name of  CC

I took many photos of her that first night as seen on this blog and sent them off to friends immediately asking if they were interested in giving her a forever home.  I also  planned on contacting the shelter within the next few days if I had no takers. 

The following day on a drive to visit my parent's house, I tuned into my guides asking what this kitten needed in a home, her life purpose, etc.  In reply I was prompted to ask who she was.  It was then that I was informed she was Puddin, returned. 

I admit I was (happily) surprised and a tad shocked!  Puddin, the sweet, good natured cat I and my sis had grown up with had indeed returned.

Later that night when I was back at my house I spoke with CC more.  She explained I could address her as CC or CC-Puddini, and for me to know she WAS different this time around.  She explained she had come to do energy work for the earth, to be with my parents and help with their elderly cat while also helping me understand more about reincarnation and other such topics. 

She explained she would be similar in some ways as her old self  but was going to be a little more bold and spunky this time around too.  Not all of who I had known her to be would change, but she didn't need or want to be exactly the same as she had been before.  She was ready to lead a new life with new DNA doing new things with us.    

She relayed to an intuitive friend that we were not to look for the Puddin we knew inside CC as that lifetime was very complete. She told me had learned new things between incarnations including working with star energy and the cosmos.  Although her soul was the same, she didn't need or want a repeat of the same life she'd already lived as Puddin, so for us to anticipate this.

So, as of this writing, CC is happily living with my parents again at her request. 

One of the interesting observations I've noticed in communicating with CC is that when I feel her current vibration (energy), and then feel her energy back in the time when she was Puddin, I find she feels very similar but not exactly the same.  She explained she has evolved since she was last in her last body with me, thus her vibration has evolved a bit as well.  She knows more now and can work in new ways. 
I have much to learn and understand personally about her own unique experience cycling in and out of  physical form.   But as my questions arise, CC will help me understand.  CC's return is a reminder that we always exist and evolve regardless of where we are and that ties of love always continue.     


P.S.  For this photo, I actually kept moving my foot away (who wants a foot in a photo, right?) while she just kept reaching further and further out to touch me.  When I learned on day 2 she was Puddin returned, the odd little reaching  made more sense as she told me in retrospect, "Of course I recognized you.  I had plans to rejoin you.  No confusion on my end!" 

Regarding reincarnation, CC says:

 "We come in our own perfect time, when circumstances are right.  It does not truly matter whether we reincarnate to be with you again or work with you from afar, we are just as close at heart.  Sometimes though, the jobs we need to do require a vehicle.  A body.  And so we come around again.  It's all well and good."


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Amazing story, CC Puddin is adorable!

Danielle Tremblay, Animal Communicator, NY said...

Adirondack Country Gal,

Yes, CC Puddin is adorable, isn't she? She's one very outgoing, brave little girl too. She is having a ball at my parent's house and doesn'thave a timid streak in her. Acts like she's been there her whole life! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow, What a touching story! It's crazy to think that Juan wanted to leave the cat stranded and Brandon insisted in knocking on people's doors.

Danielle Tremblay, Animal Communicator, NY said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yes, I'm glad Braandon suggested knocking on doors and came my way! :)


Nancy DuQuette said...

She's a beautiful little kitty. We too had a cat named Puddin. She showed up on our front porch as a kitten and we had her for 17 years. I love the validation of reincarnation.