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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Franklin Turtle on the Topic of "Life Purpose"

Franklin Turtle

I asked Franklin, my 10 yr. old red eared slider turtle to talk about the topic of life purpose.  ~Danielle   

"If you ask 10 different animals, you will receive 10 different answers on life purpose, but I will keep it short and give you my wisdom. 

Life purpose isn't about WHO you are, it's about WHAT you do, DECIDE to do or decide TO BE or ACT.  It's about how you want to live your life, what time you want to devote to the things you love and how you want to be in the world.

A life purpose isn't about an agenda or a "set plan" as many see it.  It's a choice on how you want to live. 

Yes, your individual soul essence, (the essential energy within every being that lives) has an underlying plan to exist, experience and evolve.  But it's not so set in stone that you are like a walking robot with preset buttons.  You feel resistance and a push to do certain things now and then but ultimately YOU the being decides what actions you will take. 

By taking certain actions again and again, some might say you create a "life purpose". 

There are many dogs I've heard about who are loyal to their people and feel their life purpose is to give love, keep company, bring joy or to be present for a time in a being's life and then move on to other life experiences. 

Many beings (human and animals) have a combination of life purposes.

Humans have a lot of ideas about animals and themselves regarding life purpose.  Maybe they're right.  (He shrugs.)  I can't talk about the life purpose of another, only that individual can.  It's a feeling inside you. 

For me, my life purpose has come to be with you, Danielle and your friends.  To experience life as a domestic turtle.  To grow old with you and to experience aching joints as a I age.  Surprised by this last part you say?   Well, having aching joints is part of life's experience, isn't it?  I embrace it all.  My life purpose is also to guide and teach.  Is yours?  (He asks you, the reader.) 

For someone somewhere, you're likely a teacher in some shape, manner or form!  Be the best you can be and enjoy the things you enjoy.  Be a passionate peacemaker or a maker of music.  Make crafts or explore horizons on an artist's easel.  Do what you enjoy and experience life!!  That is life purpose, or rather the PURPOSE of Life.  To enjoy and experience it all.  

Life Purpose is just one's PURPOSE for life.  

What do you live for?  

~Franklin Turtle    

Franklin Turtle

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Franklin, so much, for are very wise~