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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tarantulas and their Energy Work On Our Planet

Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula

This morning while meditating I decided to explore what it's like to be a spider.  Particularly of the goliath bird-eating variety as pictured above.

To back up, some of the most incredible experiences I've had personally while doing animal communication work is in spending time experiencing what it's like BEING another animal as is often a common skill in addition to just listening to the thoughts and feelings of animals.

While I most often energetically unite temporarily during animal communication sessions with my clients' animal family in order to better understand and feel their perspective firsthand so I can best relay it, now and then I enjoy exploring the body types of other beings sharing our planet.

This morning in meditation I decided to invite in a representative of the spider family and although I could feel a few varieties coming forth offering themselves to take me on a journey with them, I ended up selecting the goliath tarantula.

Now, I chose the spider species this morning in part because I value self-growth for myself and although I wish it were not so, many spider varieties cause my body to react fearfully.   Deep breathing helps me stay centered and lift myself away from the fear more successfully when I'm in their presence, however I'd still like to totally let the fear dissolve, so what better way than to become them?

On a side note of interest...Penelope Smith, animal communicator, mentioned this past summer she'd come across an article once that stated that it was the DNA in human wiring within us that often goes on alert with certain species such as bats, spiders, snakes and rats.  (I found that fascinating and actually adore rats, don't mind snakes and have held a live bat before with respect and fascination but yep... my central nervous system reacts to the 8 legged guys.)

Anyway, my meditation brought my way a living tarantula from the moist amazon as my guide to let me walk in his shoes (err... legs), see through his eyes (he has near-sighted color vision spread out in a panoramic view) and experience life in general.  While merging with him, as him, I perceived...

His fine hairs amazingly sense the weather, barometric pressure and moisture content in the air.

He prefers not to be in direct sunlight (too hot) but to be on a surface recently warmed by the sun to take in its heat now and then.

If held by a human hand, he let me feel how he would tense his body, go into defense mode and flail certain front limbs and fangs for the sole purpose of not being eaten.  That's his concern.  So much more a fear--based reaction than an offensive one.

As a baby, I could sense his tight body inside a soft cocoon of some sort and how a slit needed to be made using his mouth parts to emerge.

Large snakes cause him to become still and fearful.  Predators to him.  Not small ones though!

He says in meeting another, they're often territorial about their space and will make an intruding spider leave.  Good food and terrain is what constitutes prime real estate.

They have such tight feeling abdomens and muscles/strength coming form the upper portion of the legs, more so than the lower stalk portion.

Prefers moisture, dark places and when falling asleep I could feel the deep peace he experiences.

They can carry prey and drink water straight from a droplet (I went online after my meditation and indeed both pieces are true of this species).

He explained that spiders in general anchor divine energy to earth energy.  He showed me himself symbolically tying together a string from the sky (representing divine energy) to a string from earth (representing earth energy) then going about his business.

He explained spiders in general anchor divine and earth energies together and that some places like his amazon environment are more  balanced in the merging of these two energies than other areas.

Spiders gravitate to places when doing their energy work where they feel more anchoring needs to be done, even if it's not in a direction most environmentally pleasing to them such as inside homes.

He explained they rest (don't do energy work) when the female is breeding (has babies).

I asked why humans often fear spiders and his reply is that on some level we recognize and fear what spiders represent, which is tying the divine part of ourselves to the earth's energy (physical part of us) which would allow us to better know ourselves as we truly are as a divine being.

And because spiders do this job so well themselves, we sense this strong power within them and move away from it, as embracing such authentic power frightens is.  In other words, he shared that we are afraid of our own power.

I found the entire experience fascinating and thought I'd share it as I continue my own quest in letting go of the caution I have for this important species in order to experience greater harmony within myself and with all life.

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